Handmade in Cygnet - Open Studio Art Trail


Melanie Simon

“Things with wings that flutter and soar,
Things that grow and thoughts that wander,
All of this and more I ponder…”

Collaborating with skeletons of trees, detritus gleaned from waste streams, treasuring bits of old broken paper and books, connecting and reconnecting, exploring the premise that intelligence is everywhere in nature, Melanie has always lived a creative life and her ambition as a child was to be a “Bohemian”.

She collects, she arranges, she draws, she makes, she sews, she carves, she prints, she paints, she tinkers, she crochets, she cuts out shapes, she designs, she glues, she propagates, she constructs, she moulds, she hammers and heats, she writes, she invents, she facilitates, she photographs…her studio is a wondrous place.

As a passionate researcher and collector of techniques and skills she integrates Permaculture and a hand-made DIY ethic to weave together life and work creating a haven from which she can face the world on her own terms.

Melanie constructs imagery in two and three dimensions layering stories with resonances of dream, myth and memory; referencing our interaction with nature and her cycles and practising (often subtle) acts of subversion.

Themes focusing on discovery, connectedness, diversity, regeneration and growth reflect and explore her deep commitment to finding restorative solutions to our social and environmental dilemmas.

She would like to see people regain their sense of wonder and enchantment at how amazing life, the world and the universe are, to shed their blinkers and anxieties and breathe in the wildness, the air, the colours, the birdsong, the rampant fresh blossoming green aliveness of plants and compost and soil and streams and instead of displacing them, help them all to thrive.

Open: Cygnet Market Days 1st & 3rd Sunday each month

Plus Consistently Random Open Studio & Pop-Up Shop when sign is out





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