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Glenn Dwyer

Slab Guys

Glenn moved to Tasmania from Wollongong NSW in 2016. He now lives on the corner of Slab and Guys Rd's in Cygnet, where he is devoting more time to his art. Glenn has been primarily a miniature wood carver during his life and was a member of the Sydney Wood Carving Group for many years.

While still doing some wood carving, he is now turning his hand to sculpting what he calls his "Wild, Weird, and Wonderful" Garden Art using a lightweight cement building product called "Hebel" He intends to produce both smaller works to suit patios, verandahs, courtyards etc, (even inside) and larger works for that special spot or secret nook in the garden. Hebel material is soft enough to be damaged with physical misuse, but if looked after it is a very hardy material. It will not be damaged by sun or rain and can be hosed clean. Some of Glenn's work is treated in certain areas such that the rainy weather actually accentuates the detail of the work. He is always happy to talk about works with "special requirements". Printed names, dates, emblems, pet headstones etc or any wild, weird or wonderful ideas you might have.

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