Handmade in Cygnet - Open Studio Art Trail


Jill Miller

From the time she was old enough to wield a pencil and produce a
recognisable image Jill knew that art would be her greatest
pleasure in life. With working parents and older brothers, school
holidays were spent alone with a box of paints at the dining room

After leaving school her first job in a drawing office began her
experimentation with pen and ink, later adding a colour wash. On
coming to live in Australia with it's extreme contrasts of light and
shade she decided to try her hand at watercolours.

Although Jill dabbles with various mediums, watercolour is her real
passion. She has no formal training but has learnt by listening,
reading, experimenting and, importantly, making mistakes! If a
painting doesn't turn out as planned she puts it away for a while.
Looking at it later, and forgetting what she had originally planned,
she then decides on it's success or failure. The unpredictability of
watercolours is a constant challenge.

Jill has been on the committee of the Huon Art Exhibitions Group
for ten years and helped in the set up of the Lovett Gallery behind
the Cygnet Town Hall.

She is the current tutor for the U3A watercolour group in Cygnet
but feels uncomfortable with the title of 'tutor'. With no formal
training she feels unqualified to teach. After introducing her
students to the basic use, techniques and behaviour of the paints
and papers she encourages them to play around and experiment
with their materials. As a group they share ideas and experiences.
So everybody learns and everybody has fun!


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