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Heather Mikkelsen

Cooee-Tong Studio Designs

Heather Mikkelsen has had a life-long love of textiles and art. Following in the footsteps of her very talented mother who exhibited and sold paintings and jewellery, she ventured into embroidery in her teens and won prizes in the open section at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. She trained and worked as a Fashion Designer in Sydney’s Surrey Hills before completing a Bachelor of Education (Art) and teaching in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland high schools.

She has exhibited in both Queensland and New South Wales and won prizes for her work across these states. In the 1990s she moved onto teaching in the vocational sector and has taught fashion design and illustration, decorative textiles and art for many years. Recently she has relocated to the beautiful Huon Valley to pursue her creative endeavours.

Heather has an experimental approach to her art and is not afraid to mix media and techniques to achieve her unique and individual wearable art works. Experiments with etching and dyeing plastic has produced a body of work titled “Fusion Series”, which consists of small wearable pieces of jewellery.

All her work is inspired by the natural world and often focuses on the overlooked or unconsidered. Inspiration comes from the minute such as fungus, lichen and the view under the microscope; and the ancient such as fossils.

With her decorative art, she etches metal, draws, paints, dyes, stitches, solders, melts and enamels to create her jewellery pieces.

Her textile pieces use a combination of techniques and include felting, stitching and eco dyeing to produce timeless “slow” fashion that can be worn for decades. A love of natural fibres is combined with a variety of techniques to create these elegant wearable pieces.

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