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Cara Edwards

Cara Edwards Design

Cara is a local designer focusing predominantly on print making and ceramics. Her work is inspired by nature and created for the home and body. She hopes that it brings a reminder of wild spaces and helps form cosy nooks of the house (her two favourite things).

Cara's pottery is hand-built, either pinched out or formed from a rolled slab and she individually paints and decorates each vessel, making them one-of-a-kind pieces. In her studio you’ll likely find: plates, bowls, vases, spoons, earrings, beads, planters, small dishes and whatever else she may be experimenting with at the time.

Cara's illustrations are initially carved from lino and heavily feature Australian flora and fauna, as well as some pattern-play and the occasional burst of colour. They are manually printed on handmade Tasmanian paper, which is crafted from recycled cotton rag (pretty cool!) and has a thick, glorious texture. She carves smaller designs for greetings cards and gift tags.

Cara also screen prints tote bags and offer a few other homewares (including tea towels). Her bags are 100% cotton and come either plain or dyed naturally with foraged and homegrown plants. The colours are dependent on the seasons and are forever changing – she work on an organic farm, so they usually reflect whatever crops they have in abundance.

Cara works out of the front room at Balfour House, on the main street in Cygnet. It’s a beautiful old room and she hopes you can come visit!


> www.caraedwardsdesign.com