Handmade in Cygnet - Open Studio Art Trail


Caryl Plant

Teihaku Studio

Teihaku Studio sits surrounded by a native garden full of birds, an ever-changing inspiration here in southern Tasmania. As the seasons determine which will visit, Caryl adds to her sketch book and to her notes. The lino prints now number at least a dozen, printed on hand coloured paper.

Will the Butcher Bird bathe in the freezing bird bath as he did last winter, looking over his shoulder so cheeky? Will the Currawongs bring their babies to forage for worms again?

Another lino print image or, using a cherished brush, will she paint the Burton Park Heron gracing a white ceramic plate? Lino prints can be repeated, imagery transferred to a silk screen for fabric. Each ceramic plate though is unique. There are many ways to tell the story of Cygnet’s birds and joy to be had in doing so.

Bandicoots visit Caryl's garden too...another story to tell? Art is her way to communicate the joy she finds there, anchored at last.


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