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Gillian Shannon

Gillian started illustrating scientific papers while working for the Nature Conservancy as a Research Scientist in North Wales. On moving to New Zealand she worked as an illustrator for the Oceanographic Institute concentrating on the microscopic copepods. She was fascinated by the myriad forms of these tiny sea creatures. It was while in New Zealand she contributed many scientific articles to the ‘School Journal’ which she also illustrated with her photographs and drawings. While in New Zealand she was introduced to ‘scraper-board’ an old fashioned medium where the black surface of a chalk board is scratched away leaving the underlying white, so creating very fine detail. She continued her illustrations while working in Broadcasts to Schools. Her Teachers Notes were used to accompany her broadcasts to remote students. On moving to Western Australia, Gillian used her aptitude for illustration and photography to produce many articles and booklets on the fauna and flora of Nature Reserves in that State.

On relocating to Tasmania Gillian worked in a free-lance capacity for CSIRO and the Antarctic Division among other organisations. She later took up digital photography and photo manipulation using Photoshop. She finds old mine sites and disused industrial machinery exciting topics to photograph as they lend themselves to digital manipulation. It is this manipulation using three or four photographs that enables her to produce ‘surreal’ prints. She plans to further explore photo manipulation as well as returning to her love of macro-photography. She also has a passion for wild orchids which started when she was a teenager living on the South Downs of England.

This year Gillian plans to concentrate on Native Orchids of the Cygnet Region.


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