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Judy Jackson

Art on the Bay

For Judy an artist has many creative talents, such as writing, gardening cooking. Her house, garden and studio are her creative spaces, with garlic and potatoes growing in the garden, dinner parties with good food in her home, and her studio and artwork her haven.

Judy believes her work has developed over time. Maybe five or ten years ago she feels her work was quite aggressive or angry, with a lot of ultramarine blue. But living in Tasmania her work has changed and has become softer. Water, trees, light have been subjects for her work. Living, working and studying in Sydney Judy was inspired by the light of Sydney, water and yachts. You could say reflections of an Impressionist style.

Judy is never without a sketchbook or camera. Sketching such things as the Cygnet Folk Festival, yachts or everyday experiences such as a walk on Randall’s Bay or people waiting for a train at Town Hall Station are themes she enjoys drawing.

This year Judy has been drawn to including figures in her paintings. For example “Wanderings in Lake St Clair” a triptych, the subject matter is about Lake St Clair National Park. The two figures are part of the landscape but not all of it. The rationale is to hardly notice the two figures till later as the landscape near Cradle Mountain is so awesome and so inspiring that a person is just a dot in the landscape. The Grey Nomads painting has people by the fireside but they are less distinguished just part of the landscape of Gunnedah NSW.

Judy is happiest when she is in her studio just messing about or sitting and looking at the view. It is not always tidy and she likes it that way. This is where she thinks, enjoys, writes and creates.

Judy’s latest work is back to her everyday life sketching and taking photos and then creating abstractions from this. As well as looking at past sketches and creating lino prints of them. She has been encouraged to create a few more editions of lino prints, as some people believe that they are her best work.


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